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Year 23

Stina Silegren


I love being 23, my favourite year so far. I had to provide for myself and I learned how to be an adult, but still had the joy of saying 'early twenties.' I complied 23 moments from this past year - good or bad - that stood out and made the year one to remember. 

  1. I bought a freakin' condo! What!!
  2. Enjoyed our "old" cottage for the last summer
  3. Had to put down our family dog, who I've known since I was 10.
  4. Bought my very own vacuum #adulting 
  5. Trapped a rabid raccoon in my backyard
  6. Learned how to do a rope climb
  7. Helped re-do a roof with my family 
  8. Saw Niagara falls from below, a new perspective 
  9. Finished my first Spartan Race with my family
  10. Met up with some lovely people on a trip to Thunder Bay
  11. Ran an obstacle course with my co-workers
  12. Got some new glasses to pretend I'm studious
  13. Re-discovered a love of photography and bought my first camera  
  14. Started a job I've worked 5 years to get, and loved it
  15. Learned negativity is definitely the easy way out, and being positive takes effort
  16. Learned to love my body for what it can do, and the health it's given me
  17. Got a killer sunburn on my back with lovely tan lines :|
  18. Spend time with my whole family for the first time in years this summer
  19. Struggled with the vegan thing, but learned balance is important
  20. Actually paid real money to have my eyelashes tinted & curled...it's a thing lol
  21. Had the most quiet christmas this year
  22. Learned I'm literally stronger than I think #weightlifting
  23. AND had a lovely birthday dinner at my new favourite restaurant

Hope you enjoy & cheers to 2017,