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i'm not invincible

Stina Silegren


I've been a critical care nurse for one year, and I've learned this: I'm not invincible. 

Lately I have found myself driving more carefully, and getting fearful I might end up in a car accident. I wasn't sure why... since I've never been scared of this before and I never get anxious or have panic attacks. I've never even been in a car accident. So why all of a sudden was I having these feelings? 

Then one day it clicked. I'm dealing with death on almost a daily basis, something I've never had to do before. I think when you're young ... you feel invincible. And not like 'I can jump off a bridge' invincible, the 'I'm healthy and I'll be alive in 10 months' invincible. Although occasionally when I'm driving I do have these moments of awareness - I wouldn't say I suffer from these thoughts regularly (thankfully). It has just opened my eyes a little bit, to change the way I think about my life and my future. 

I don't know what the future holds, so I want to live today with a little more love and a little more positivity. My challenge, for each day in December is these 3 seemingly simple things: 

  1. Find something beautiful in one thing that could be easily overlooked. (Because it's so cliche it works)
  2. Catch someone doing something kind or nice. (To hopefully restore my faith in humanity)
  3. Think of one thing I did (or will do) to make the world a little bit better. (Since I should probably do something other than just think of stuff right?)

Maybe...I'll post my findings at the end of this month? 

Hope you enjoy,