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Fall Photoshoot

Stina Silegren


Bunnies are so cute, 'amiright? :) 

Fun story: Within a month of moving out of my parents house, I got a bunny. I’m such an animal lover, and finding myself all of a sudden without a pet was not ok. I thought, ‘hey, bunnies are cute – maybe I should get one’ and that was pretty much the entire thought process. When I went to look at some baby bunnies, I chose Jobin (silly name, I know) immediately…because he was the only one with floppy ears :) I was in love. Now five years later, I’m still in love. He has brought me so much joy, and I’m so so happy with my rash decision to get a bunny. HBD JOBIN!

One of my favourite ways to pass time now is to bring Jobin outside and watch him hop around and explore the big backyard. I never leave him outside alone, because he is so tiny and could fit pretty much anywhere :) So to pass the time outside, I usually have my phone out snapping pics…but today I brought the big camera out to get some good ones before he ran off.

Hope you enjoy!