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a fresh start

Stina Silegren


New domain, new blog design, new ideas! 

There is something relaxing to me about 'blogging.' But I think it is less the 'blogging' that relaxes me, and more taking the time to sit & reflect on things I enjoy. I wanted to create a more personal blog, sharing anything that's on my mind rather than being confined to a specific topic or two. While I suspect I will continue to write about trying to live a more natural and minimalistic lifestyle, I want to share more personal posts as well - providing a loose timeline of what's going on in my life. 

The next section is more for me, to organize my thoughts and goals :)   

Goal number one - focus on the content. This blog is very basic, focusing less on appearance and more on the content. I don't want to be distracted repeatedly finding the latest theme, widgets or fonts to use. Hopefully, if I get into a good habit of contributing to this webpage, I can put more focus to that area later on. 

Goal number two - become a better writer. While I didn't enjoy writing papers in school, I do enjoy writing more casually about topics I'm passionate about. Writing more often will (hopefully) improve my communication skills in general, and important aspect of my job.

Goal number three - talk about topics I enjoy. I want to write about something because I'm passionate about it, not because I'm being told to. I don't plan to monetize this website in any way, but I would be thrilled if I gained a few readers along the way. 

Goal number four - be positive. Generally, I am a positive person. While I plan to write a more detailed post about my 'outlook,' I want to share joy and positivity with others through everything I do or write about.  

Ok...that's it for now. Glad I got those thoughts sorted out :) 

Hope you enjoy!